How Much Does Customizing a Floor Plan Cost?

We're happy to accommodate any changes to any plan you'd like to buy to curate your home to meet your family's needs and environment. 
To learn more about the process visit the plan modifications page. After that, we do charge for additional rounds of plan edits but we’re sure you’ll appreciate our guaranteed 48 hour turnaround time. Other sites take 4-8 weeks!

I Have Land; But Is It Suitable?

Do you already have the perfect land in mind to build your dream house? Are you unsure whether or not it’s suitable? No worries, we can help.

We can perform a 14-point zoning compliance review on your land. After that, we give our customers a PDF report on the feasibility of the plot for building your ranch home. The report provides maximum bulk dimensions and a curated list of viable house plans.

How can I calculate the Cost To Build these plans?

Need to run some numbers to figure out how much your home will cost? It can be hard to know how much a project will cost by looking at floor plans so we created a free cost-to-build calculator. It’s free for you to use as many times as you want!

So what's the next step in getting accurate costs before I buy a house plan?

1.) Check out homes built and sold in your zip code in the past 12 months using a website like Zillow. You should be able to scroll down and input the required variables into the following formula.(Final Sales Price - Land Sales Price) / Total Square Feet = Cost/SF2.) Contact local builders and send them a link to the plan you want to get a ballpark cost for. Let them know that they're free to contact us for more information if needed. They should be able to get you a cost that is pretty close to a real bid.

Do I need an Architect?

Maybe. It depends on the rules in your jurisdiction. The vast majority of local building departments do not require a state licensed Architect to stamp your house plans but in some higher building density jurisdictions it is a requirement. Contact your local building department to determine the requirements.

Do I need an Engineer?

It depends on the rules in your local jurisdiction and the plan itself. Many of our plans will require a few beams to be sized per your local site load conditions (snow, wind, seismic, etc). Generally a local lumber yard can help you get these sized properly. The vast majority of local building departments do not require a state licensed Engineer to stamp your house plans but in some higher building density jurisdictions or jurisdictions located in high load areas (snow, wind, seismic) it is a requirement. Contact your local building department to determine the requirements before purchasing.

What's Your Exchange & Return Policy?

Due to the nature of digital products, we do not accept returns.
However, if the plan you purchased exceeds your build budget, we will exchange for a different plan (of equal or lesser value) for free. This option can only be exercised once per customer purchase.

Is Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing included on the plans?

Some MEP components are included on the plans and some are not. We take the plans as far as possible without designing for a specific site.


Most of our home plans include pre-designed mechanical rooms suitable for a variety of equipment and climates. We design these mechanical rooms to fit a <5-ton air handler, ERV/HRV, electrical panel and tankless instant hot water heater and manifold. In addition, we go out of our way to ensure that there is an easy pre-coordinated route for supply and return ductwork on our plans. We do not provide detailed ductwork shop drawings.


Most of our house plans include a mechanical room with space for an electric distribution panel. In addition we provide a recommended lighting layout and a layout all light switches and outlets on an electrical plan. We do not provide a detailed wiring diagram.


We layout and dimension all of the plumbing fixtures to code as well as provide a single-line recommended sanitary piping diagram and domestic water diagram. This is suitable to secure permits in the vast majority of jurisdictions but your plumber may submit additional calculations or drawings in some instances. We do not provide detailed piping shop drawings.

How long does it take to receive the House Plans after ordering?

For Stock Plans:

It takes <24 hours (on working days) to electronically deliver your plans. The reason for this delay is so that we can verify a final plan check to ensure that all plans are current to the current year's International Building Code (IBC). In many cases your plans will come through sooner. Full-sized hard copies of plans are printed and shipped the same day.

For Modifications:
We guarantee that all floor plan modifications will be returned to you within 48 working hours. Other sites take 4-8 weeks!

What is the deliverable?

The default deliverable is an electronic PDF file of the construction plans. If selected, the CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) deliverable includes electronic 2D AutoCAD files of each plan sheet. For custom house designs, the deliverables vary by package, but include 1920x1080 .JPG images for the renderings, and 1920x1080 MP4 videos and a web-hosted 3D tour.

Can I get Printed Sets of Plans?

Yes! There is a $250 charge which covers the cost of printing and shipping the plans.
Alternatively, you can print the PDF plans yourself through your local large format printing company (FedEx, UPS Store, etc). For your reference and budgeting: it tends to cost about ~$50 to print a single full size plan-set at FedEx.
Contact your building department to determine how many printed plan-sets you must provide. Sometimes they accept PDF copies or half-sized copies.

How many times can I build from each plan?

Our plan pricing is based on a single-use license. Contact us directly to quote multi-build licensing for floor plans.

Will these plans meet my building code?

It depends on your local jurisdiction.
All of our house plans are designed to the latest iteration of the International Residential Code (IRC) which the majority of US jurisdictions have adopted. In the 24 hours after you purchase the plan we run a plan check to ensure that the plan is updated to the latest version of the code if it was originally designed in an earlier IRC code year.
Note, some jurisdictions adopt amendments to the code that may require additional engineering such as snow loads, fire codes, wind loads or seismic loads.

Can I design a custom home from scratch?

Yes! Check out our custom home drafting service here.