Fully Custom House Plans

Designed in as Little as 2 Weeks


Building a custom home can be a daunting task full of confusion and uncertainty. Sometimes it seems like you only have two options: look through thousands of house plans online that aren't quite right or contract an expensive architect for custom plans. 


What if we told you there was a third option? A sweet spot. We are here to partner with you through the process to make it as painless and affordable as possible.

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Our Custom Design Process:


01. Free Intro Phone Call

We'll connect for a free 15-30min call where you can share where you are in the process and exactly what you are looking for. If you choose to proceed we will forward a contract and invoice for the 50% down payment.

This is the time to share any of your inspiration or desires:


Hand Sketches, Lot Dimensional Constraints, HOA Requirements, Example Plans, Real Estate Listings, Pinterest Boards, etc. 

02. Concept Plan

It typically takes us about 5 working days to put together a first draft of your house plans which we will share with you via e-mail.


Subsequent drafts are returned after 2 working days. Once you've reviewed, we will have a live online session to make real-time edits based on your feedback.

03. 50% Design

After the first session we will deliver you a 50% design set to review before session 2 which is all about refining the design. During all sessions 2 we will show you your home live in 3D as we compare different design options for you to visualize. 

04. 90% Design

After session 2, we will deliver the 90% drawing set for you to make final comments before we wrap up the design process.

05. Renderings & Finishes

If you've chosen the Ultimate Design Package, a third session is focused on materials and visuals. You get to watch us walk through the live render of the house as we swap between different material options.


After which, we deliver a preliminary 3D Tour so you can explore the house on your own and come up with any final changes that you'd like to make.

06. Deliverables: Final Drawings & Visuals

After you've signed off on the 90% design we will complete the construction drawings and final visualizations the next working day. (Note: we release the final deliverables upon final 50% payment).


You now have home construction drawings that are ready for Engineering & Permit. You can learn more about how we've partnered with an engineering firm to make this process easy here.


View a Sample Plan Set

Our Design Packages:

Design Essentials Package


$1.50 / SF *

Ultimate Design Package

$2.00 / SF *

2 x 60min Interactive Online Design Sessions

Full Set of Construction Drawings

  • Titlesheet & Construction Notes
  • Foundation Plan & Details
  • Floor Plans
  • Roof Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans (Lighting & Electrical)
  • Finish Plans (Flooring & Cabinetry Elevations)
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Building Sections
  • Framing Details & Span Tables

CAD Files

1 x 60min Material Rendering Session

Preliminary Interactive 3D Tour (View Sample)

Final Interactive 3D Tour

10 X Realistic Exterior & Interior Renderings

* Design fee is per conditioned, finished SF. Unconditioned, unfinished spaces (porch, basement, garage, attic, etc.) are included at no extra charge. $2,500 minimum per project.

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Schedule Your Intro Call

Unbeatable Speed

We're ready to start as soon as you are! All plan revisions delivered within 2 working days. Get what you need faster than the competition.

Flexible Scheduling

Plan design review sessions on your schedule. We have availability 7 days a week, including nights and weekends.

Design Knowledge

Our design lead has a wide breadth of knowledge including a background in structural engineering and extensive MEP design experience.



We’re here to help



What does a design session consist of?

It's a scheduled 60 minute screen-share.

You should come prepared with feedback (specific or general) that you want to work through. It's your hour so you can direct how you want to spend it.

Our designer will be ready with the 3D model of your home and will actively make some changes live on screen so you can compare and contrast options. (Some changes may be too time consuming so we will take note of them and complete them afterwards). Feel free to ask questions anytime. Our designer can use their experience to help improve your ideas and ensure that they're all code compatible, affordable and easily constructable!

Some examples of feedback & edits:

- Room layouts

- Ceiling heights

- Stair layouts

- Roof pitches, eaves, and layouts

- Move / flip doors & windows

- Exterior materials

- Furniture fit/layout

- Lighting layout

- Porches & patios

- Exterior design details

How does session scheduling work?

Once you've received the first draft, we'll contact you with a calendar invite to choose what times work best for you and your family. It can be as soon as the next day or whenever you have availability.


We have time slots available 7am-8pm (EST) Monday-Saturday so there's plenty of choice and flexibility to suit your schedule.


Most people take about a month to work through the plans, scheduling one deliverable per week but they can be designed in as little as 2 weeks or you can take as long as you'd like (we invoice after 6 months though). 

What happens if I want to make edits after the process is complete?

No problem! This occasionally happens for a few reason:

1. Land zoning / building permit review requires site specific adjustments.

2. Forgot something or thought about changing something after the fact.

3. Bids come in too far over budget and need to simplify the design.


Additional changes to the finalized drawing set can be accommodated at $100/hr. If you choose not to use our services, you have access to the CAD files which can be taken to any capable drafter for modifications.

What Code & Engineering is Included?

We design all of our plans to the  International Residential Code (IRC / IBC) which is the most widely adopted code. However building code is administered at the local jurisdiction (there are estimated to be more than 20,000 jurisdictions in the US!). So there may be some subtle variations that need require edits. 


We pride ourselves on our very detailed plans, and are constantly updating our house plans to ensure that they meet even the most stringent permit requirements. Locations may require local site-specific structural engineering or a locally licensed architect to review and stamp plans. 


We recommend all house plans get reviewed by a structural engineer to optimize for local design conditions (site topography, soil conditions, snow loads, wind loads, & seismic loads). StructuralPlans is our preferred partner for all structural engineering services required. Head over to www.structuralplans.com to order your structural plans today.

What is the finished area and unfinished area?

The finished area always includes all enclosed and finished living spaces. (these areas cost $1.50-2.00/SF)


The unfinished area includes garages, porches, unfinished attics, unfinished basements and unfinished bonus rooms. (these areas are included free of charge).

How far out are you scheduling?

We have the resources to be able to start as soon as the design contract is signed and the initial invoice is paid. 

How does shipping work?

Our plans are all digital files, delivered electronically within 2 working days of our final design session.

If necessary we can help arrange to have plan sets printed for mail delivery. ($40/set)

How does payment work?

We invoice electronically, payable by credit card or bank transfer. The first 50% is due upfront after signing the design contract. The first 50% invoice is estimated based on your target square footage. The final 50% invoice is due on final delivery of the drawings and is based on the actual square footage calculation. 

What's Not Included?

1.) Anything not shown on the construction documents is not part of the scope of any of the packages.

For example: We will show some things in the model for the purpose of visualization (furniture, landscaping, topography, interior finishes, trim profiles, etc.) but we do not change these because they are not part of the construction documents.

2.) Site plans. We don't design site plans but we can point you in the direction of an affordable option.

3.) Engineering. Due to the site specific nature of engineering, we design our custom plans to the International Residential Code (IRC / IBC) but your location or design may need addition engineering by a locally licensed structural engineer. We are happy to provide resources for finding and hiring an engineer (if needed) and will coordinate with them by sharing CAD or 3D models as needed.

4.) Architectural stamps. If your location requires an Architect's stamp we are happy to provide resources for finding and hiring an one to affordably provide the final review and stamp.