What's Included?

Each of our house plans is the culmination of hundreds of hours of effort from our talented designers. These plan sheets include everything that you need to get started building your dream home.

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House Plan Cover Sheet


The cover sheet includes some basic information about the plan, some blanks that can be filled in for identifying information about your parcel and some notes to the general contractor. 

The cover sheet also lists the building code that the plan was designed to. We take the time to ensure that all of our house plans are designed to the latest version of the International Residential Code (IRC).Lastly, the cover sheet includes a sheet list with all the sheets included in your house plan.

House Foundation Plan


You'll notice that you have the option to select from a variety of different foundation types. We will include a foundation design for the type of foundation you selected. This plan sheet includes all the dimensions, code notes and section detail references your builder will need in order to make sure the most important part of our house is constructed to properly support your home plan.The plan allows for easy flexibility in setting your finished floor elevations for different portions of your home to fit your lot's grade. 

House Foundation Details


Your selected foundation type will also come with a corresponding foundation detail page. These details are designed at the cutting edge of building science and material science to ensure that your foundation is long lasting, easy to build and energy efficient. We include details and conditions to step the foundation if your site necessitates it due to significant slope.

House Floor Plans


You will receive a floor plan sheet for every floor in your selected plan. The floor plan sheets contain the bulk of the information that you contractor needs for framing and finishing. Here you'll find wall layouts, dimensions, section references, window and door tags and more. We also conveniently place detailed window and door schedules here for easy reference. This plan will also contain the applicable code specified span tables for floor joists and bearing window and door headers.

House Roof Plan


The roof plan specifies eave overhangs, section details, dimensions and pitch. We provide ridge venting details, valley details and eave details to ensure that your framer and roofer have everything they need in order to build a proper roof assembly in accordance with the latest in building science.Your roof can be one of the most important aspects of your home so we go to great lengths to design an easily maintainable roof with the best details to prevent leaks and maintenance problems. 

House Reflected Ceiling Plan


The reflected ceiling plan (RCP) is a mirror of your floor plan (looking upwards). It's used to show ceiling elevations, specialty details like ceiling coffers and more!

This sheet doubles as your electrical layout plan, showing light fixture, outlet and switch locations.

House Exterior Elevation Plans


The elevation plan sheets show what the exterior of your home will look like from all four sides. ​On these plans we provide dimensions, tag windows and doors, show window grids, reference details for trim/millwork and masonry.

House Section Plans


The building section sheets show your house plan as if it was cut straight down the middle in each direction. We show as many section as needed depending on how complicated he building is. Generally, the building sections are used to illustrate floor heights, plate heights, stair dimensions and provide some indication of roof framing, indicating which areas are designed to be trusses vs stick-framed portions.

House Framing Details


The framing details sheet includes everything to ensure that your home is up to code and well sealed. Typical wall sections and elevations accompany header and joist span tables and schedules. We also include a cutting-edge air sealing detail to ensure that your home is built 'very tight' which can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs annually. 

Material Take-Off & Cost-to-Build

Precision material quantities are taken-off, conveniently broken down by trade and listed on the last page of our plansets.

(Not available on plans with a plan number <22_069)

Our material take-off (or quantity take-off) is designed to both assist contractors in preparing bids and prevent homeowners from getting overcharged by providing you with an accurate list of all the materials used to build your house before any work begins. Since we design all of our homes in a hyper accurate 3D model, we have the unique benefit of being able to provide a fast and extremely precise material take-off.

  • Take-Off Estimate Includes:

    Foundation Contractor:

    ➣Footing Length (LF)

    ➣# of Isolated Column Footings (EA)

    ➣Ground Floor Area (SF)

    ➣Ground Floor Perimeter (LF)

    ➣Garage Slab Area (SF)

    Framing Contractor:

    ➣Wall Areas (by type of framing) (SF)

    ➣Wall Lengths (by type of framing) (LF)

    ➣Floor Areas (by floor) (SF)

    ➣Floor Perimeters (by floor) (SF)

    ➣Roof Framing Area (SF)

    ➣Ceiling Areas (by type) (SF)

    ➣Staircase Risers (EA)

    ➣Exterior Decking Area (SF)


    ➣Windows (by type) (EA)

    ➣Interior Doors (EA)

    ➣Exterior Doors (by type ) (EA)


    ➣Total Roofing Area (SF)

    ➣Fascia / Drip Edge Length (LF)


    ➣Total Siding Area (SF)

    ➣Corner Trim Length (LF)

    ➣Exterior Window Casing Length (LF)

    ➣Exterior Door Casing Length (LF)

    ➣Soffit Length (LF)


    ➣Conditioned Floor Area (SF)


    ➣# of Electrical Outlets / Switches (by type) (EA)

    ➣# of Light Fixtures (by type) (EA)

    ➣# of Hardwired Smoke Alarms (EA)

  • Take-Off Estimate Includes:


    ➣# of Bathtubs/Showers (EA)

    ➣# of Toilets (EA)

    ➣# of Kitchen/Laundry Sinks (EA)

    ➣# of Vanity SInks / Lavatories (EA)


    ➣Attic Insulated Area (SF)

    ➣Exterior Wall Insulated Area (SF)


    ➣Wall Drywall Area (SF)

    ➣Ceiling Drywall Area (SF)

    Paint / Wall Finishes:

    ➣Painted Ceiling Area (SF)

    ➣Painted Interior Wall Area (SF)

    ➣Interior Door / Window Trim Length Painted (LF)

    ➣Interior Baseboard Length Painted (LF)

    (if painting exterior, refer to siding take-off section)


    ➣Railing Length (LF)

    ➣Interior Door/Window Casing Length (LF)

    ➣Exterior Door/Window Casing Length (LF)

    ➣Faux Box Beam Length (if applicable) (LF)

    ➣Interior Baseboard Length (LF)


    ➣Kitchen Casework Length (LF)

    ➣Closet Shelving / Rod Length (LF)

    Finished Flooring:

    ➣Finished Flooring Areas (by type as shown in the plan visuals; note owner may select different flooring configurations) (SF)

    Wall Tile:

    ➣Kitchen Backsplash Area (SF)

    ➣Bathtub / Shower Tile Area (SF)