We believe that estimating the cost to build your dream home should not be an impediment to choice. We provide this free, industry leading, accurate calculator to understand exactly what you can afford before you purchase a floor plan.​

How Much does it Cost to Build a House Plan


The hard truth that most sites don't tell you is that you won't actually know the final cost to build your home until it's already built. Determining your cost to build is a process that narrows down the cost range with each subsequent step.

Step 1: Online Calculators

Others make you pay for them - check out our free calculator below. 

Step 2: Historical Data

Look at homes recently built and sold in your area 12 months using a website like Zillow. Plug the historical sales data into the following formula:

(Final Sales Price - Land Sales Price) / Total Square Feet = Cost/SF

Step 3: Ballpark Cost per Square Foot

Contact local builders and send them a link to the house plan that you want to get a ballpark cost/SF for. 

Step 4: Bid

Once you've chosen a floor plan and narrowed down a shortlist of builder it's time to get the most accurate number. To help with bid accuracy we provide free material take-offs for our plans.

The Calculators:

Simple Calculator (Mobile Friendly)

Advanced Calculator (Desktop)

Custom Home Plans with Cost to Build

When you design a custom house plan with us, you can get plan-specific access to the calculator.

  • Unbeatable Accuracy

    Our proprietary cost calculator is updated quarterly to get you the most up to date build cost.

  • Our Price Guarantee

    If you bids come in over budget we will exchange for any other plan of equal value.

  • Better Tools

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How Accurate is This Calculator?

Boutique Home Plans has developed this cutting edge calculator to perform more accurate fast analysis of building costs than our competitors. This calculator applies real time pricing from subcontractors to our hyper-accurate quantities from our home plans.

Costs can vary significantly by location and seasonality but we expect our price per square foot estimates to fall within +/- 10% of the lowest bid price you receive.

Where Does the Plan Data Come From?

The data calculating the build cost comes from our home plans. Each plan uses a hyper-accurate take-off based on a 3D model so you know that the areas, volumes and counts are precise. We've spent years refining and custom coding our software to be able to pull material quantities with precision accuracy. For every plan that we develop, we pull over 50 different material quantities.​

Where Does the Cost Data Come From?

The cost data is our proprietary blend of real world prices for the current quarter. Nobody has more accurate, comprehensive or up-to-date data than Boutique Home Plans. We curate material, labor and overhead costs for over 300 different construction activities quarterly.​

How Does this Compare to a Paid Cost-to-Build Report?

This is significantly more accurate because it uses real quantities of materials. Paid reports are wither based on a Square Foot Estimate or a 2D PDF Take-Off. Additionally, paid reports almost never include any site development costs but we include extensive parameters and cost data to be able to estimate site work as well. Lastly, paid reports make assumptions about material quality which is extremely inaccurate because that's the biggest cost variable. Our calculator allows you to choose all of your material finishes.

P.S. Ours is free to use!