• Nate - Design Director

    After starting his career in structural engineering, Nate founded a commercial construction & architecture consultancy focused on coordinating mechanical, electrical and plumbing components, as well as laser scanning and modeling historic architecture.


    He brings that broad construction industry experience and pairs it with his lifelong passion for architecture to influence his home designs. Here he leverages his broad understanding all the components of building design and his strong appreciation for construction pain points to deliver easy to build and affordable home designs.


    Nate loves classic New England style architecture and will bring his experience and passion to bring your dream home to life. 


    When he isn't designing homes, Nate renovates his family's 1870s home in historic Maryland, loves to explore historic architecture, and enjoys spending time with his wife Lauren and his two kids (future employees!). Learn more about Nate in his interview here.

  • Lauren - Experience Consultant

    From farm life to city dwelling, Lauren knows a thing or two about what makes a house a home - she has lived in 10+ different places over the last 30 years.


    A communicator at heart, Lauren consults on customer experience at Boutique Home Plans. She has a strong understanding of current house trends, the full building lifecycle, and can help you make your future home one-of-a-kind!

Our Design Philosophy:

While other sites aggregate plans from hundreds of designers, we design all of our plans in-house. What makes us different? 

Heirloom plans.

What makes a house design an heirloom house? Simply put, beautiful designs are cherished and maintained. We integrate traditional architectural themes that are proven to last and we pair that with modern amenities and construction best practices. All of our designs feature modern construction details and get updated to the latest version year of the International Residential Code (IRC) annually. 

Stunning Visuals.

All of our plans come with tons of furnished pictures, video walkthroughs, and interactive 3D tours so you can get a sense of scale and flow that nobody else offers. We also produce custom interior renders and walkthroughs so you can see the space with your chosen material finishes. 

Affordable Builds.

Nate, (our chief designer) has a background as both a structural engineer and a commercial MEP coordinator so every plan is designed to be easy and affordable to build. We minimize extra foundation corners, we maximize use of trusses and simple rooflines wherever possible. Every single plan has a coordinated route for mechanical ductwork and plumbing stacks. 


Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to build your custom dream home without getting taken advantage of by the predatory construction industry. When you call us, you actually talk to the house designer. We’ve invested to develop free tools like cost-to-build calculators, the construction toolkit and will be here to answer any and all of your construction related questions as you begin your journey.