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Barndominium Layout Service

Barndominium Layout Service

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Barndominums have become a popular way to save money while building homes but many online plans stray from the original concept, creating more traditional homes that simply look like barns. Our goal is to realize the original concept of an affordable pole barn with interior partitioned living spaces. We developed this service to allow you to utilize our home design expertise to build out the interior of the barn that you have chosen without having to pay for an entire home design.

How it works:

1.) Free 15-30 minute introductory phone call.

We will discuss your project and you can have the opportunity to share your family's needs and exactly what you're looking for. Afterwards, you can send us the specs on the pole barn that you plan on building. 

2.) 3D Modeling 2-4 Days:

We will model your chosen barn in 3D and create a custom interior layout per your family's needs. We will produce 2D floorplans and exterior elevations for you to review prior to the design session.

3.) 60-minute Design Session:

We will set up a screen-share when you are available and walk through the plans live in 3D so you can see the barndominium live and suggest and make changes in real-time. 

4.) Final Review & Print:

We will print the changes made during the session and allow you a final chance to comment before printing dimensioned floorplans, elevations and renderings that you can hand off to your contractor for construction.


  • 1 60-Minute Remote Design Session
  • 4X Exterior Renders
  • Dimensioned 2D Floorplans (PDF)
  • Annotated 2D Elevations (PDF)


Interior layouts are per the latest edition of the International Residential Code (IRC), these are not engineered framing or construction plans. Those plans should come from your barn designer or contractor. 

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